Valerie Bertrand is an executive level thinker whose values and principles are based in tapping into the inner wealth for outer success. From writing, producing, business consulting, to brokering, what she is really good at is problem solving simple to complex dynamics and cultivating true wealth for her clients.


A finologist is a money theorist who studies human value of exchange. As the founder of True Wealth Consulting, she assists her clients in analyzing and achieving their objectives. As a business consultant she develops strategies for sculpting talent, forging the right alliances, expediting the problem solving process and managing a multitude of complex situations.


Her educational background of knowledge is extensive. Valerie started her first business at the age of 15 as an alternative healthcare practitioner. As a self-driven intellectual, she went on to study psychoneuroimmunology, psychology, neuroeconomics, politics, human development,  sociology, law, environmental psychology and art history.  She continues to study almost daily reading on average 200 books a year.


As a big thinker, Valerie is continuously striving to be be challenged. She pursues rich and dynamic opportunities, especially ones that are most complicated. She operates everything from the standpoint of systems. She believes that nothing worth building happens instantly. She is relentless when it comes to development or problem solving. She believes anything can be built and that what is lacking most in people’s lives, and what she is best at, is improving the standard of living with emotional intelligence in all aspects.